How to save energy thanks to home automation

How to save energy thanks to home automation

2020/03/16Home Automation

How to save energy thanks to home automation

Saving the environment, the equipment and your pocket: three objectives that can be met with the help of Domotics.

How? Find out now. 

Defined as the act of automation, Domotics can be an excellent ally in energy saving.

One of the great advantages of Home Automation is the monitoring of energy consumption and effective management of equipment, allowing the optimization of natural resources such as solar radiation. It is possible, for example, to adapt the power of the lamps to the natural luminosity, to activate the ascent and descent of the blinds according to the radiation of the moment or to regulate and adapt the heating and air conditioning according to the conditions of the exterior. 

How to save energy thanks to home automation

In addition, by monitoring consumption, irregular behaviour can be detected and the problem corrected at a very early stage, avoiding higher repair or replacement costs. 

Thanks to home automation you can also program the period of operation of smart sockets or the operation of household appliances for the most economical hours.

For those who are going to stay out of home, it is also possible to activate the heating mode for the economic mode or switch off all appliances that are on stand-by. 

If it is common to forget the lights on, then know that Home Automation can also help you by switching the lights on and off automatically – depending on whether people are present or not, or through automation done with predefined hours. 

How to save energy thanks to home automation

Other forms of saving

Along with electricity, water consumption is also one of the main sources of costs in a building. To avoid excessive or inadequate use, intelligent taps can be installed that control the flow and temperature of water and that will reduce consumption.

Besides the inherent advantages of saving, we should not forget that home automation allows remote and real-time control, so managing a house or another building becomes a quick, simple and quite comfortable task. 

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