Home automation: the creation of smart spaces

Home automation: the creation of smart spaces

2019/07/19Home Automation

Home automation: the creation of smart spaces

Although the term may not be part of the most used vocabulary, the truth is that Domotics (or Home Automation) is increasingly present in our day to day life, being a great help in streamlining the tasks and daily routines.

In this article, Home Technology Designers explains what Home Automation implies and shows some of the applications. 

Domotics: origin of the term

The word Domotics was born from the fusion of the word “Domus”, which means home, with the word “Robotics”, which is linked to the act of automating, that is, carrying out actions in an automatic way. 

Therefore, when we talk about Domotics we are referring to the platforms that include the creation of automated controls for homes and for all buildings in general. 

Why should we invest in Home Automation?

More than knowing what Domotics means, the important thing is to know why we should bet on it and what are the applications in our daily lives.

In fact, this area has suffered in recent years an exponential growth, enhanced by the evolution of technology, which allows creating devices with more and more features, easy to install and use. The result: integrated and intuitive solutions aimed at all types of buildings.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Home Automation a is increasingly part of the architecture and design projects, being constructors and architects aware that they offer solutions that simplify the daily lives of users, adding value to the offer of their developments. 

  • Easier to control
  • Safer
  • Smarter
  • Most modern
Home automation: the creation of smart spaces

Home Automation in practice

  • Control lights and intensity. It is possible to program various lighting scenarios, control sockets where lighting sources are connected and adjust the intensity according to the desired scenario. So, with a simple touch, you can adjust the environment for a party, dinner, reading or even cinema situation. 
  • Control electric blinds and curtains, integrating them with the lighting scenarios you section. 
  • Real-time security. With Home Automation it is possible to find out in real time whether security alarms are being activated, even if you are away or away from home. Detecting water leaks, gas leaks, fire smoke, glass breakage and intrusion are just some of the possibilities by viewing the images in real time on your mobile phone or smartphone. 
  • Control temperature. With a simple click you can adapt the temperature of a space, adapting them to your tastes, simply and quickly. 
  • Optimize consumption. With Domotics application you can reduce your consumption, govern all devices in an integrated, more efficient and intuitive way, save and even help the environment. So, for example, through a system applied to each machine, you can know if any equipment is with an abnormal consumption, helping you to solve the problem at an early stage and avoiding very high costs of repair or replacement.

Home Automation thus, has an increasingly important role in the streamlining of tasks and routines of everyday life, being an added value in a world where time seems increasingly scarce.

There are several solutions and equipment available, having these different features, options and prices. The important thing is to choose the most appropriate solution for each case, taking into consideration aspects such as the type of use and actions to be taken. 

Home automation: the creation of smart spaces

How Home Technology Designers can help you

At Home Technology Designers we see Domotics as a true ally in the daily routine of any building. 

We see Home Automation as more than simply obeying commands, so we always look for the best technology and the best instruments and equipment to create solutions that, in an intelligent and automated, can streamline the daily tasks of any user and in any space. 

In addition, you can count on our vast team, their wisdom, all years of work and all the availability to remove all doubts and clarifications.

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