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Home and Albino Miranda: the perfect alliance

2019/02/04 0Uncategorized

Home and Albino Miranda: the perfect alliance

“Our technological potential joined with your art”: was the phrase that created the partnership between Home Technology Designers and the artist Albino Miranda.

A great friendship that evolved into an alliance in professional terms and enables the creation of even more special projects. Thus, the beauty of the pieces together with the Home Technology Designers solutions, creates the perfect balance between decor and technology.

The incorporation of sound systems in the developed pieces that reflets this harmony and shows, once again, the efforts taken by Home Technology Designers to make each project unique and original, adding importance to the final result and fully satisfying the clients. 

Born in 1967, Albino Miranda is a Portuguese plastic artist who, from an early age, stood out for his creativity and aptitude for the art world.

With a well defined entrepreneurial vein, in 1989, Albino Miranda lda. was created, a company that has services ranging from design to all the technical support in ornamentation, production, finishing touches and delivery and various areas. 

With the ambition to open doors in the international market, in 2009, created Karpa, a furniture brand with a wide range of products that join together fiberglass reinforced resin with exclusive and luxurious finishes and textures. In 2015, Gansk was lauched, with the creation of a furniture line in fiberglass of elegant and light design, directioned for outdoor environments. 

Get to know the artist projets in: https://www.albinomiranda.pt/pt/

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